Storm Chase!

So a few weeks back I was able to hit the back roads and do an awesome storm chase! Luckily we werent pummeled by rain or hail and were able to enjoy the enormous storm clouds rolling through. Heres a few shots from the chase!

 This is one of the first times  I was able to capture both the amazing storm clouds over the Alberta prairies and the stars above at the same time.

Another shot where I was able to grab a storm cloud and the milky way as well.


This shot features a black and white scene highlighted with some lightning and the lights of a plane trying to avoid the storm.

Another image showcasing the beautiful Alberta prairies and our huge skies!

This last image is a wide panoramic image that illustrates just how spectacular the view can be when you get out to the prairies and take in the huge open skies and vast fields.

Alberta Storm Photography

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