Shanghai & Beijing 2012! – Canadian Landscape photographer Cody James.

Fine Art Photographer Cody James from Calgary, Alberta visits China (Beijing/Shanghai) and captures some fine art for his world wide photographic collection.

So back in the beginning of April I went on a trip of a lifetime to China with my amazing girlfriend Allyn (Linsanity). Unfortunately I still don’t have all the photos that I’d like completely edited/finished. But I have enough posted that I can finally share some of my experiences!

This shot was taken from one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai (from Pudong) and is overlooking what will eventually be the tallest building in the world!


This shot taken with my Nikon D700 and Sigma 12-24 lens allowed me to capture five sky scrapers all neighboring each other. Again the one in construction will eventually become the tallest building in the world! Check out this Google Image search of Shanghai before and after (1990 vs 2010) it’s insane the growth that this city has seen.


This image (previously seen in another blog post) was taken in Beijing near all the Olympic venues. You can see the Birds Nest in the background. There were tons of locals selling kites to tourists for dirt cheap.  This is one of my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, I feel like it captures great emotion, the pose is great, and everything blends really well.


The next two images are from the small water town we visited in Shanghai (just prior to departing to Beijing) showing locals cooking/creating some of their local dishes.



This next image is probably my favorite from the trip, I will probably be printing one image on canvas from this trip to hang in my place and so far this ones the clear winner in my eyes. It was taken in the forbidden city in Beijing, right next to Tiananmen square. I believe these vats were made of copper or iron and were used as a means for fighting any fires (they were spread all around the court yards and would hold water).


I wasn’t able to capture as many landscape shots as I’d have liked on this trip, we were mainly immersed in the cities and towns. But we were able to make an afternoon trip to visit the great wall of China. It was incredible. The view was amazing, and it was a lot of fun running up and down the wall. I took a video with my go pro of our descent, I’m hoping to have that uploaded/posted in the next month or so!

Calgary Photographer Cody James visits the Great Wall

My girlfriend and I both rocked some awesome poses on the great wall of China. Here’s hers.


This is me getting my Bruce Lee on! 🙂

Bruce Lee Great Wall of China

The last image I’ll be uploading on this post is an awesome textured shot of a tree in Shanghai. It’s roughly 4-5 shots stitched together and is another one of my favorites from the trip.


In the next two-three weeks I’ll be posting a new update on my site with a few more images from trip!

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