Kananaskis Bound!

Calgary Freelance Photographer Cody James sets out on a road trip to Kananaskis to capture some new Alberta Landscape Photography as well as portrait shoots for one of Alberta’s best Yoga Instructors who currently teaches in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Currently I’m sitting in a Jeep with my girlfriend and one of her sisters and were heading down to Kananaskis! As an Alberta landscape photographer I regrettably haven’t brought my camera bag out on a trip like this for quite some time, so I’m excited to capture some new landscapes, but it’s also blizzard like conditions and visibility is so poor at the moment so I may have to flip the switch a little and bust out my macro lens to capture some Alberta fine art nature shots.

In the last few weeks ACYPhotography (an affiliate of Cody James Photography) has had the opportunity to do some family and new born shoots. We’re diligently working on the post processing phase of those and are excited to share them!

Back to today’s shoot! I’m doing a live blog post (as long as my phone will let me).

I was getting antsy from writing this blog post and setting up my Instagram (username is CodyJamesPhotography) and suggested we find somewhere to explore! We stopped a few minutes after that, I geared up, and went down this cliff side towards the river (not far from Elbow Falls).

Change of pace from my normal blog posts, here’s some live Instagram photo of the area that we’re taking some photos of!

This is the area we are hitting up to do some photos.

Here’s a shot of my camera bearing the weather, which took such a crazy turn! As you can see in the previous photo there’s hardly any snow around, nothings coming down, and it’s just a mild day out. As soon as we touched down to the base of the hill, the snow went off! Luckily my Nikon D700 is weatherproof (to an extent) so I don’t think much damage was done. But the weather really allowed us to get some unique yoga shots with my girlfriends sister Amanda Roemer who is an amazing Yoga instructor, Reflexologist, and much more. I’ll include more details about the work she does in a following post, but here’s her website in the meantime. http://touchforhealth-yoga.vpweb.ca

Another ‘action’ shot of my poor camera getting dumped on by heavy wet snow.

Finally here’s a shot of my camera screen (a picture I took) potentially a new landscape to add to my portfolio. But showing how the weather really turned.

Got home safe and sound, here’s a small sneak peak of one of the photos that was captured during the shoot! Looking forward to editing the rest and adding to my Alberta Landscape Photography portfolio.

Calgary Photographer Cody James

As a Calgary Photographer I’m fortunate to live in a booming city filled ¬†with immense opportunity for growth, and a vast variety of landscapes, nature, and adventures all for the taking! Normally in the winter my photography slows down, but this year I intend on utilizing the short days to capture a ¬†series featuring downtown Calgary at night, I will also be doing more snow shoeing so I should be capturing some great winter shots this year as well. There’s a whole world of opportunity for photographers of every kind, embrace your style and run with it.

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