Ready for a YUGGGEEEEEE update? I have gone back through years and years of photos and found some gems, here’s a good sample of shots from Alberta, so you can ‘ explore Alberta ‘ !


First things first, @TravelAlberta –  is great on Instagram, I’ve tagged my photos ‘Explore Alberta‘ #explorealberta tirelessly, and I’m sure the beauties over there will finally cave in to public pressure/demand/outrage or possibly take pity and finally share one of my photos… – Check out their site, just filled with ridiculously beautiful images.

Next up, did you enjoy mothers day? Good. I did as well, because that night Sat-Sun we were given one of the best Northern Light shows I’ve ever seen. We’re talking about northern lights that panned across the entire sky, it almost felt like they were 360 degrees around as they came over your head, they flickered/danced for hours on end, changing dramatically every few minutes. I started downtown (you’ll have to wait for those shots) and then headed towards Cochrane, I found a spot that looked solid and, well, it turned out better than expected, I was given a huge range of scenes from hay bails, to tilted/run down farms, barbed wire fences and much more.

Busted out my 14-24, left the rest in the car, and started shooting. Foreground is the beaten up barn with the northern lights dancing across.

Alberta Aurora (1)

From the other side of the barn facing a huge panoramic sky of northern lights, the pink in the right corner is Cochrane.

Alberta Aurora (2)

On top of some hay bails grabbing the lights.

Aurora Alberta (4)


Aurora Alberta (5)

The view straight above.

Calgary Photographer

Probably not the best idea to lead with shots light that, not that it gets worse from here on out, but it’s up for debate. 🙂 . Now lets explore Alberta a little. Summer months bring on STRONG storms, huge clouds, lightning, sometimes tornadoes, hail, thunder, vibrant skies and huge fields make this a photographer playground.

Explore Alberta  (1)

Get on a helicopter to explore Alberta’s giant mountains! Whether you fly over Canmore/Banff of Rocky Mountain house (seen below) you’re in for a huge treat.

Explore Alberta  (3)

Probably one of the most photographer spots in Alberta, get out and Explore Alberta by checking out this spot right beside Banff! It’s beautiful all year long.

Explore Alberta  (5)

Anyone know where you’d explore Alberta to find this? Waterton national parks, probably one of our better kept secrets….

Calgary Photographer Cody James | Landscape Photographer

The view below, this is really exploring though as you have to get your feet wet and sometimes go waist deep to see some sights that very few take on.

Explore Alberta  (21)

Calgary Photographer Cody James | Landscape Photographer

Fall is gorgeous in Alberta, so when you’re ready to explore Alberta, head out to Kananaskis and check out the magnificent larch trees, often bunched together, they’ll pop in your pictures.

Explore Alberta  (23)

While you’re there, take in some of the biggest and best mountains on the globe.

Explore Alberta  (24)

While you’re on your way to Kananaskis exploring Alberta, take in mount Yamnuska summit hike. Elevation Gain: 900 m (2,953 ft).

A Bow Vally Classic for hikers and climbers. Its sheer 500′ face can be seen from the TransCanada and the peak is often in the clouds. It gets an A for accessability.

Explore Alberta  (25)

When you’re flying in for your trip to Alberta, don’t forget to look down, coming in from the west is a real treat.

Explore Alberta  (26)

Back to the beautiful prairie skies and canola fields, a common sight in the summer.

Explore Alberta Photographer (1)

Our northern lights in Alberta glow! Mixing with different elements you stand to see a variety of colors including blue, green, red and purple.

Explore Alberta Photographer (2)

One of my favorite hikes and adventures for newcomers looking to explore Alberta, the Burstall pass is exceptional.

Explore Alberta Photographer (3)

  Dubbed ‘the greatest show on earth’ and probably one of the greatest tourist traps we have to offer, the Calgary Stampede is a party/festival that rivals the best.

Explore Alberta Photographer (8)

Explore Alberta in the fall, I guarantee you’ll thank me, it’s gorgeous.

Explore Alberta Photographer (9)

The beautiful ‘elbow falls’ a great place to explore by day and night, don’t get too crazy at night though, just bring your gear out, sit under the stars and capture the beauty that surround you.

Explore Alberta Photographer (10)

Explore Alberta

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