Elbow Falls

Calgary Photographer Cody James Captures an Image from the beautiful Elbow Falls in Alberta.

This place is absolutely gorgeous, very tourist friendly and obviously a hot spot for photographers. I know it’s been shot a million times, by a million different people, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of it!

For those of you who haven’t been there, I highly suggest you get out there in the near future before winter comes and the roads get slippery. I’ve been on some bad roads in Kananaskis in the winter, although this road isn’t as bad and is usually quite accessible, the rest of the roads aren’t so nice when it gets snowy.

I’ll do the footwork for you here:

Elbow Falls on Google maps – A link on where Elbow Falls is, roughly a short 1 hour drive from Calgary.

Check out Flickr for more ‘Elbow Falls’ pictures: Flickr Pictures of Elbow Falls

Also if you have Flickr send me a freind request:  My Flickr Page – I’d love to check out others work!

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