Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary is in full effect! Seriously just go down during the golden hours from one of the many hot photography spots and see just how beautiful the colors are!

I got back from Montreal, studied all day, hit the gym, and then quickly made my way downtown and towards the hillsides north of Memorial drive, the sun was setting and I was ripping through the streets, trying to capitalize on the great weather and amazing scenery. One of the first times I’ve made the trip out during fall and it was well worth it!

The sun hadn’t quite set at this point, so I got some nice blur skies to compliment the colours and the great light reflecting off the buildings.

Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

As the sun began to set, the colours started to pop more, and the buildings in downtown Calgary really gave it their all. Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

One sweet thing about shooting the Calgary Skyline during a setting sun is all the different looks you can get, it may look like different days, but these shots were all done in the same day, granted slightly different editing, but all downtown Calgary shots were done within an hour or so of one another.

Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

That was the spot! ^ Seen above, I’ve seen it before, and knew it had a great balance of trees, downtown Calgary, the river/peace bridge and skies. The sun had fully set, giving an immense glow throughout downtown Calgary, the river, and the parks surrounding. You can even see the moon up above the bow.

Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

After grabbing all those Calgary Skyline shots, I quickly hurried towards Center Street bridge. For the first time capturing it from the west side, I got a great shot that I’ve personally never come across, although I’m sure has been taken numerous times!

Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

Finally, I’ll share two ‘auxiliary’ shots, I call them this as I wasn’t out to get shots in this manner, but when the opportunity is there, it’s nice to mix things up, so frantically changing lenses, I threw my bigger zoom and teleconverter on and capture the Peace bridge, and a tight shot of downtown Calgary skyscrapers.

Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

Downtown Calgary | Calgary Photographer

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