December was great! "Rumble young man, rumble!" – Ali, My 2012 motivation.

Snow Shoeing, Hiking, Helicopters, Big Explosions (okay maybe not) and much more in a revitalizing blog post by Cody James.

2011 was all over the map, glad to end this blog with some wicked shots. As mentioned before I’ll be hitting up Cuba & China in 2012, but I’ve also got a date with a helicopter/snow shoe tour, Vegas (sky diving), and much more in store. Definitely going to go HAM in 2012 and the rest of my time on this planet!

I was able to hit the mountains twice in the last month, both times were awesome hiking adventures! The first time was an awesome snow shoeing trip into the spray lake areas, it was my first time snow shoeing and it was awesome.

This image is titled ‘Fresh‘ – Because you really can’t beat the fresh mountain air.


Next image is titled ‘Crisp


Final landscape I’m posting is titled ‘Changes‘ this is from a hiking trip I took with my cousin down into K-Country.  We hit some awesome spots and had a tough hike through the mountains!


This was a mid hike victory pose/Freddie Mercury tribute titled ‘I have no rival’

I have no rival

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