Color me rad Calgary 2013

Color me rad Calgary 2013

This year we decided to participate in a really rad event called…. Color me rad! It’s a 5k run where you are doused in colored powder!

We set out to our local thrift store, after all, where else are you going to land sweet digs for an event like this?! I found a sweet (womens) old ‘fur’ coat, cut the sleeves, rock some new short shorts and began our journey.

We parked our vehicle at the designated train station, got on the bus and started our journey there. I brought a Ziploc bag so my phone was set to come along for the ride. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my GoPro which really sucks in hindsight.

The  run took place at COP, there were lots of hills and five stations at every 1km mark, three were powder stations and two were dyed water, I wasn’t down for getting wet so I went through the wet stations fairly quickly.

Once the race was done we were caked with powder, in every crevice you can imagine, the taste wasn’t so bad though. They had a stage and dancing and fire extinguishers shooting the colored powder on the crowd.

All in all it was an excellent time and something we’ll definitely do again!

This video is in the after party section which I thought was the most fun, good people, good times, lots of rad powder, and banging music.

Here’s a few shots from the rad event, first up me rocking my fur vest.

Color me rad yyc

Alynn’s bum after her sister Amanda smacked her with a handful of powder!

Color me rad

Group shot of everyone rocking the fur.

Color me rad calgary

Here’s my badass walk/pose coming through a cloud of powder.

color me rad yyc calgary

That night we packed up and hopped on a plane for Kelowna where we’ll be until the middle of next week. Here’s a shot from Kelowna mountain taken with my iPhone today.


Because we didn’t have a car, I wasn’t too keen on taking my camera gear. Lesson learned. I missed out on a world of excellent photography opportunities today and I’m slightly bummed!

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