Alberta Fine Art Photographer Cody James blogs about some of his new photos from his once in a lifetime trip to China with an amazing new travel partner.

Here’s the final pictures I took in China from my trip in April! Enjoy.

In China I really wanted to take a lot of ‘fine art’ style shots that would look really nice in a modern set house. Here’s a few of this style.


I actually had this printed for my amazing girlfriend! She loves it and I think it looks great printed on canvas. So happy to have her creative input.

Buddha II

I love nature, trees, plants, and this shot will definitely be printed for my place.


This is four individual shots blended together, all of the shots focus on the Buddhas hands.


Macro of ( I believe ) a bonsai tree.


My girlfriend prompted me to take this shot, I really love how it turned out and I had a small print of it done that turned out awesome.


A vat in the forbidden city. Taken from my previous China post “I believe these vats were made of copper or iron and were used as a means for fighting any fires (they were spread all around the court yards and would hold water).”


A shot of the small water town we visited.

Water Town II

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