New Landscape Shots!

Canadian Landscape Photographer Cody James shares some of his latest landscape photographs from the prairies, to the mountains, as well as some shots from a helicopter tour.


I’m excited to share a few new landscapes I’ve taken over the past few months, I haven’t posted very many lately but found some spare time to get some editing/organizing done and am happy to share some new shots! As mentioned in prior posts, being a Canadian Landscape Photographer I’m grateful for so many opportunities lent by our beautiful country, here’s some shots from the prairies to literally in the heart of the mountains.

This landscape shot was taken during a photo shoot with Amanda Roemer (stay tuned for that update in the near future) the snow started pouring down on us and gave some some great scenery.

Landscape Alberta

This image was taken on the way up to our helicopter ride earlier this year, it was pretty warm and we hiked down to the bottom and threw some rocks into the semi frozen mud.

Lake Frozen Alberta

A shot from the helicopter tour we took, the crest of a mountain with a dead on view.

Mountain Crest Alberta

Another shot of the mountains during our helicopter trip, I had so many great shots on this ride it was such a great experience and something I’m looking forward to do again possibly in another country!

Mountain Peak

One final shot from the trip, this was one of my favorite points during the helicopter ride as we were lower then the mountains ripping through the middle of a valley.

Alberta Rocky Mountain House

This was another shot taken during the photo shoot with Amanda, you can really see how much the snow was coming down, it was so quiet and peaceful.

Alberta Landscape

One final shot from the shoot with Amanda, you can see the snow again with the beautifully detailed rock side.

Photographer Alberta

My wonderful girlfriend gave a tremendous amount of contribution to this image, together we collaborated and came up with (in my opinion) an amazing shot that has a great western feel to it.

Western Photography

A great shot from one of my only storm chases I was able to partake on this year, it was a great experience though aside from the mosquito’s but we saw some incredible lightning and scenery.

Alberta lightning

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