August, 2016


Ha Long Bay in Vietnam was the highlight of my trip, it’s a UNESCO world heritage site, a dream for photography, and all around was a great experience. If you haven’t heard of it, you can read about it here: –

We started our adventure in the bay on our ‘junk boat’ a name completely unfitting for what it was, a three story monster of the sea, fitted with a huge crew including a chef, two captains, and a bartender! As we set out to see ha Long Bay, the scenery was breathtaking, I busted out my gear that I had hauled through 1,000+ KMS in the last 8 days by boat, taxi, bus, train, plane, and bicycle and shot away, I was familiar with Ha Long Bay and had an idea of what to expect but was really taken back seeing it in person, truly an incredible unique place unlike anything I had ever seen before.
We first got to stop at a popular tourist area where you can hike up really high to catch a birds eye view of the surroundings, it was REALLY hot/humid out, and my huge camera backpack didn’t pull any favors, I was a sweaty mess at the top and I dropped my bag and started capturing the beauty around.



Seen below, a bunch of junk boats stationed near the beach while tourists soak in the water and climb for a birds eye view.

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This is where things got epic, manned with a tandem kayak we got to get out onto the waters ourselves and navigate through the endless limestone Karsts. Huge shout out to my wife who championed the kayak while I snapped pictures, and yes if you’re wondering, I brought my new lens (14-24) and camera onto the high seas, I had a lot of faith in our ability to stay upright! Fortunately everything worked out smoothly, we coasted through and I was able to catch some incredible images. As we were ending the journey, the sun was starting to set, so I told Allyn that we needed to get hammer down and get back to the boat! We paddled hard and I hopped out, ran to our bunk to grab a new memory card and rushed to the top of the deck to capture an incredible sunset.

“I told Allyn that we needed to get hammer down and get back to the boat!”

After I caught a nice panoramic of the sunset, I ripped back to the room and grabbed a zoom lens to capture some other details in the bay! Once the sun was set, I put the gear away, we had an incredible fresh cooked meal on the boat and then I tried my hand at fishing for squids, it didn’t go so well, but was fun to unwind and give it a go.

One early morning after an overnight train ride, we were busing into our home stay which was set in the beautiful countryside, we stopped 3/4 of the way there for breakfast and I opted to rip out to explore with my gear, I asked our wonderful guide if he could just drive up the road once they’re done and I’d keep an eye out for them, it’s times like this on trips where I find the best opportunities to capture unique shots and moments. About 500 meters from where they were having breakfast, there was an incredible rice field backed by big mountains and I was able to get in there right as a lady was tending to her crops, it made for a great candid on the spot shot.

Click the image below to see a few more images from Vietnam.

Bonus video! A short clip kayaking through Ha Long Bay.

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