A Stormy Stampede


July, 2016

Calgary Stampede

Calgary Photographer

Cody James

The Calgary Stampede 2016 celebrations are winding down! It was a stormy/rainy affair this year, I didn’t get out once to capture the fireworks, partially being busy, partially because I didn’t think the shots would turn out that great, in contrast to last year where I shot one of my favorite Calgary Stampede photos.


Seen Below, I captured a huge panoramic shot as the sun was setting, using a wide angle, stitched images, and a neutral density graduated filter in front of my lens I was able to keep the sky in check, capture the light show, and have a well balanced/exposed shot.

Calgary Landscape Photographer Cody James

Check out some more of my work of our beautiful city Calgary

One thing I’ve read and never picked up on as a photographer, is to bring your gear with you everywhere you go. Unfortunately I’m just very indecisive at times about my true go to lens and I take on a ‘leave no man behind’ mantra, which means I bring all my gear, and it’s not light, it’s a lot to haul, leave in the car, etc. This week I broke the mould. I finally made the effort this week to bring my gear with me on trips that weren’t actually photography oriented, a quick trip to drop something off, bring my camera, run to the bank, bring my camera, I can say with confidence though, it won’t be a habit. But I will try to keep on top whenever my trips take me downtown, or to surrounding towns Airdrie/Okotoks/Cochrane etc.



“I finally made the effort this week to bring my gear with me on trips that weren’t actually photography oriented”

As you can see from these shots from the grounds, they’re taken shortly apart from one another, opposite directions of the city, but it really rings true with the weather here. It can be a beautiful sunny day, but outside of town storms start brewing, they roll through with force, and often not long, but make an impact and go.

This is what July in Calgary was all about, big skies, big storms, big celebrations.

Click to enlarge, a view facing the Calgary Stampede 2016 grounds.

Hopefully next year, along with the economy, the weather cooperates and things look on the up and up for the Calgary Stampede, I’ve read numbers were down from last year which is not good news, I know for myself sales at the Western Showcase were much slower than previous years as patrons disposable income tightens up.


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