Calgary Stampede 2015

Some old story! I’ve been so busy lately, but it’s all good fun so no complaints! In the past month or so we’ve been down to Edmonton, camped in Elbow Falls, Fernie, Yellowstone, went to Ludacris/Wiz Khalifa at the Stampede, caught some great shots of the fireworks, it’s been a whirlwind of good times!

Calgary Stampede 2015 - - Fireworks

Calgary Stampede 2015 – Calgary Photographer | Cody James

This was taken on one of the last nights of the Stampede. I’ve always wanted to grab this spot and get the fireworks complimented by a stunning view of our beautiful downtown! This image is a composition of a few images all stitched into one, I shot in a portrait orientation. I used two glass filters, an ND filter to draw out some of the sunset colours and a graduated ND filter to keep the sky in check but the lights / fireworks exposed properly.

The 2015 Calgary Stampede Western Showcase was an absolute success for me this year, one of my best ever, I’ve really tried to broaden my horizons lately too into new categories and styles so I am hoping to submit a fresh new look for next years Stampede. I’ve also put it out to a few great photographers I follow on Instagram to get involved so hopefully we see some new faces next year as well! My Instagram is @calgaryphotographer

I update my instagram regularly so you’ll be able to get in some contests for free prints, see new shots, and interact on the daily! Here’s a recent print from an extra I had at the Stampede:

New update coming shortly! I’ll drop some shots outta Fernie and Elbow falls!

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