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New blog post outlining some major areas of growth in my Photography business, showcases my Calgary Portrait Photography with model Ali, & gives some information on what to expect on Cody Jame’s – Calgary Freelance Photography webpage. 

In the near future a new site is going to be launched, for now I’ll leave it to be a mystery, but it’s going to be the premiere Calgary Wedding Photography, Calgary Portrait Photographer, Maternity, Engagement, and everything else you can imagine site. It’s still being built, modified, back end fun stuff  designed, and customized (by yours truly) and will hopefully see it’s debut within the month of October. To help get this site going we’ve gotten some great friends to assist us with establishing a fresh new portfolio look.

If you follow my site, you’ll notice that lots of  new developments are in the mix between Alberta Imaging, the aforementioned new site, and the ‘Freelance Photographer’ title. I’m going to take my photography to the next level, between commercial photography, weddings, and everything in between I won’t stop updating here, there’s still going to be lots of love on the landscape and fine art side for this site. I’m also going to start working on putting together some tutorials for upcoming photographers, possibly some Youtube Videos, and some other exciting avenues.

Anyways, lets get back on subject with this post. This impromptu portrait session was done with none other than Ali G! She was a blast to work with and did an incredibly great job (especially for her first ‘official’ photo shoot).

This first shot is Ali G doing her thing, and being the smiley happy girl that everyone knows her to be! It’s a nice expressive shot with a classic look mixed with the ‘bashful’ playful style next to it.

Portrait Photography Calgary

 This shot was my favorite of the entire shoot, it’s a straight on head shot for the most part but the lighting came through really nice and we got great expression from smiling Ali!

Here’s another one taken shortly after, another great expression from our model Ali G!

Calgary Portrait Photography

These next two were done with this awesome little DIY Ringflash that I brought along with me. It diffuses the light really well and gives great balance throughout the entire image.

Calgary Model

Portrait Model Calgary

This shot is classic shot I love to take, it gives great depth and vibrancy shooting along a wall like this.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, this is Ali G.

As Alynn is starting to learn, working with me has its perks (I’m hilarious, charming, and incredibly modest) but I hate having my picture taken UNLESS it’s with a camera phone, there’s something about those that draw me in, so when she’s trying to get candid shots of us working it usually ends up like this.

A few parting notes….

If you’re as passionate about photography as I am and have a question about my photos, techniques, editing style, work flow, website, you name it, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love helping others out and sharing knowledge as much as I can. My Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, or contact form are all great ways to get a hold of me. I also really appreciate feedback, reviews, constructive criticism and all that so don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comments section!

If you have any suggestions for the sites, something you’d like to see be covered more in depth, or a review on a equipment I use also drop me a line. I’ve been asked what I shoot with and although a clever person may notice from some of my tags throughout the site, for the record I am a Nikon guy. I think Canon offers some great products, but I’ve been shooting Nikon since day 1 and there’s no turning back or changing. I’d like Nikon to dub me “Calgary’s premier Nikon Photographersome day and have them shower me with Nikon Camera gear! But we’re still a long ways from that, a man can dream though!

The canvas ordering section of my site is in need of an overhaul, I’d like to get more of my work hanging on walls around the world, so stay tuned for some updates on that!

Oh and don’t take pictures of me if you’re rocking an SLR it’ll probably end up with a hand in the way. 🙂

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