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Calgary Portrait Photographer Cody James gives some helpful tips and advice for photographers looking to break into the Calgary Portrait Photography world.

One of my favorite parts of taking portraits is getting to know my clients, it’s fun to find out what makes them laugh/smile or give you that look you’re trying to capture. Often I’ve found that new shooters run into the issue where they have a well composed image, great lighting, exposure, but they’re not able to capture what they really want.

If you’re just starting out in the portrait world, it’s important that your clients/subjects are comfortable with you and what you’re doing. Try to be as informative as possible, don’t make someone guess where you’d like them, and get them comfortable with themselves.

I am no comedian by any means, but if you need your subjects (say a couple) to be laughing/smiling in a particular pose, it’s going to be awfully hard for them to make this happen without a little assistance. I’m not suggesting you buy a ‘Comedians for Dummies’ book, but the more comfortable, confident, and outgoing you are, the more your subjects will reflect this and it will be easier to evoke these emotions while shooting and building rapport.

A great article on capturing models from Improve Photography gives some great tips and rules that shooters should follow when shooting models: 8 ways to make photography subjects feel comfortable.


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Get your clients comfortable! You’ll achieve great results and get your subjects smiling like the image above!

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