Calgary Photographer – Rules of Photography #2

Calgary based Photographer Cody James provides some Photography tips and tricks for beginners to pros! Rule #2 of 25 don’t leave your tripod at home. Become a top contributor to the pool of Calgary Photography.


It may seem obvious for some, it even comes across as pretty straight forward, but myself and many others still fall victim to this simple mistake!

If you’re new to photography you may not know how invaluable a tripod can be, here’s a few various scenarios I’ve come across ¬†where having a tripod allowed me to capture some great shots!

  • Works done, it’s the middle of the summer and you’re feeling a storm roll through. You grab your camera gear, load up and head out. Tripod at this points not necessary, you can capture some amazing shots of lightning, rainbows, and daunting clouds simply shooting handheld. Next thing you know the suns setting, the skies are black and yet there’s a wonderful display of lightning going on in the distance. The only way you’re able to capture this is by leaving the shutter open for a couple of seconds, and guess what? You could really use a tripod.
  • You are setting out for an afternoon hike in the mountains and you come across a beautiful scene of mountain run off. You want to capture the water to have that beautiful silk look and luckily you’ve got your trusty ND filter to decrease the amount of light coming in. The only unfortunate thing is that you don’t have your tripod there to leave that shutter open long enough to capture the water the way you would like!

Photography Calgary tips

If you’re wondering I have a wicked Manfrotto tripod that is sturdy, dependable, and well built, but if you’re on a budget I’ve made due with a cheap $20 tripod!


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