On an assignment for a Calgary Commercial Photography client, I was tasked with grabbing some images of The Bow, and other shots in downtown Calgary, here’s a few samples that I’ll be adding to a new gallery down the line ‘Stock images’ of Calgary. One of the shots from this shoot will actually be used in an upcoming magazine cover for the U of C! (I’m not going to drop the U of C picture, I’ll wait until it’s out on the rack and make a blog for it in November!)

The famous head (wonderland) figure at The Bow is probably snapped a hundred times every day, it’s tough to get anything majorly unique so you have to really rely on timing, angles, proper gear, and in my opinion, most importantly, a great grasp on photo editing techniques to draw out your colours and/or create unique visuals.

First attempt I wanted to get something unique, rarely have I seen shots from further out, in doing so I was able to capture more then just The Bow, and its art installation he Wonderland sculpture. If you’re not familiar with photography, the streaking red lights going across is actually tail lights of cars passing by. This ‘effect’ was achieved by exposing the image longer. This allows moving objects with light to be captured in motion, while anything still (buildings, structures, cars, etc) are clear and crisp. Depending on filters, and lenses used, what aperture setting you’re at, and light (natural/artificial) your shutter can range from 1 second to 30 or more. The longer you keep the shutter open, the more light that comes through, and the more light that goes by (cars in this case) the more lights you’ll capture. In this instance you’ll see the clouds are pretty defined, a longer exposure would give them motion as if they were moving across in a still image.

Pictures of Calgary-19

Nothing crazy special about this image, the ability to pull this shot off lies more in having the right gear. I work on a full frame camera (Nikon D700) and have a lens that goes  as wide as 12mm without being in fisheye territory. This allows ultra wide shots, a lens like this takes some getting used to, there’s just some things that don’t work well at all this wide and certain styles of shooters won’t appreciate a lens like that, but once worked in, it can be invaluable, especially in commercial photography where getting big structures/buildings/rooms is critical without having to stitch 2-5 shots together.

Pictures of Calgary-16

I took a shot similar to this a ways back when I first launched Albertaimaging.com for conceptual purposes. Illustrating that finding beauty/lines/etc isn’t just as simple as approaching a subject (The bow) for example I focused on the lines of the entrance to one of the giant doors and matched them to the beautiful lines sprawling across the building. The blue hour light in this accentuates the colours and provides a great mirroring reflection.

Pictures of Calgary-23

A more common shot of the bow, a great ‘stock’ image if you will, colorful, vibrant, and exposed evenly across.

Pictures of Calgary-20

The wide angle here allows me to get the wonderland sculpture a vast majority of the bow, and the leading lines of the bows architectural features running up the building drawing your eye to the sky.

Pictures of Calgary-22

There’s a great little park across from The Bow, the client was looking for a ‘growing’ image and I thought the contrast of fresh growing grass and the height of The Bow.

Pictures of Calgary-27

A bonus shot, up on a parkade near the Tower, this shot features the leading lines of a rail road with some great deep skies and a cool building reflecting parts that cannot be seen.

   Pictures of Calgary


Stay tuned for my new ‘Pictures of Calgary’ gallery, it’ll be a bunch of stock images of our city for commercial use!

Thanks for following, if you have any questions on photography, techniques, editing, etc hit me up!

If you missed my last blog, here’s a few other new shots of the Calgary Skyline, during the fall!

Pictures of Calgary 4 (1)

Pictures of Calgary 4 (2)

Pictures of Calgary 3

Pictures of Calgary (2)

Calgary Skyline -0819

Calgary Skyline -0855

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