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Cody James a Landscape Photographer in Calgary provides a source of information for fellow photographers in Calgary.

Twenty four of twenty five! Titled this image “take it in, while taking it”


We see it everyday in our world, all too often were consumed with our electronics and missing what’s going on around us!

As a photographer it’s important that you don’t simply get caught up in the moment, if you’re shooting a wedding for example you don’t want to be watching the bride and groom carry on a special moment and not capture it, that’s definitely not good for business! But it’s also important that you’re not simply putting everything else aside and not appreciating certain moments.

Often as a landscape photographer, I find myself shooting some awesome moments along side someone else, I try to put an emphasis on taking in moments (like the sunset in the picture above) with the person I am with and not simply clicking away on the camera.

The key to being able to do this is focusing on honing in your skills with your camera. Knowing what lens, what settings from shutter to ISO, to aperture, and having an idea of what your focal point will all make the process of capturing that much smoother, most of this will come naturally with practice and eventually instinct!

If you’re a Calgary Photographer traveling abroad and seeing the world, don’t forget to see it through more than just your camera! You’ll appreciate your experiences that much more!

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