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Trying to keep this blog rolling! Recently we hit up the Golden State for a weekend in Disneyland! I brought my gear along, although we stayed at one of the shadiest motels on the planet so I had to leave my gear locked up in the rental for a majority of the time, I wasn’t super keen on dragging it through Disneyland either. On our last day though, I knew I’d have some time to hit up Long Beach! I’d never been there before, we got a wicked place to stay and hit up the beach after a quick drive/visit through Hollywood.

The girls wanted to suntan near the hotel, I wanted to get some shots under a boardwalk, so I dropped them off and hit up a grocery store for some beer (Canada should make this happen) and fresh fruit (we’d been eating crap the previous 3 days) and went on down to find a spot! I ended up picking my location pretty quick, but still had a solid hour and a bit before the sun was due to set so I drove around and scoped out a few other locations just in case my first spot could be topped, I didn’t really find much so I headed on back over to the first boardwalk.

When I arrived (beer, gear, and fruit) in hand I came upon a couple doing shots, it was REALLY awkward, they were exactly where I wanted to shoot and were doing what appeared to be a planned photo shoot. He was only using a cell phone though and she was wearing heels and walking through the water as I roll up with all this gear in hand and parking myself right near them. I cracked a cold one open and waited for them to get done, they really just stopped, I could tell she was feeling a little insecure with me being there and I really did everything possible to not bring any attention to what they were doing or act like I cared. Shortly after though they just up and left, I’m not going to say for certain, but I think I ruined the guys day. Either way, I was stoked! In the quick packing adventure prior to the trip, I faithfully forgot to bring my tripod, so I was stuck having to innovate, using my bag as an unofficial stand. All in all I didn’t get EXACTLY what I had hoped for, the sun wasn’t where I was hoping it’d be, but overall I’m pretty happy.

This first shot was closer just before the sun had fully set in the horizon, up top on the board walk there’s a slew of fisherman catching fish all afternoon, some had buckets filled!

Calgary Photographer Cody James_

The sun had settled and I was under the boardwalk ready to capture the shot I wanted. I was really hoping to find an older style wooden boardwalk, I think it would have had a more natural look, but the thick cement pillars here really reflected the light nicely.

Calgary Photographer Cody James_-4

This is more during the ‘blue hour’ I threw on my gradient filter allowing the boardwalk structure to be exposed less (darker side up) and allowing more light to come through the water section allowing it to become silky smooth.

Calgary Photographer Cody James

If you’re a Calgary Photographer and want to meet up and collaborate sometime hit me up, I’m always down to learn and help out with others! Check out my ‘Calgary Photographer’ page on Instagram, I’m going to be dropping some contests soon and announcing news about the upcoming Calgary Stampede Western Showcase!

OH! And one more thing, just booked a trip for the weekend to Dallas in April! If you know of any hot spots in that town or cool things to capture, please hit me up and let me know.

One last thing, has been redesigned and relaunched. If you’re in the market or know someone who is in the market for a Commercial photographer in Calgary or the surrounding areas, send them my way.


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