Hey friends! I realized I’ve only dropped a sneak peak on here of Indonesia, although if you follow me on Instagram I did do a run of 30 shots from my Indonesia trip.

Before we get to the photos, in Ubud (Bali) there was a canyoning trip you could do, on paper it seemed legit. Cliff dives, rock water slides, rappelling, and trekking through canyons in the jungle, they really emphasized safety and all that good stuff so I was mixed on how crazy it would be. It was a little tame overall, but if you’re afraid of heights, it’d probably be quite the rush. Here’s a quick video of some of the stuff we did canyoning, our guides/trip were outta Adventure and Spirit Canyoning Bali :: Canyoning in Bali … – They definitely delivered on the fun factor and especially on the safety side. Their reviews on Trip Advisor Adventure and Spirit – TripAdvisor – Are well earned!


While on the boat touring through Borneo, there were groups of ‘Proboscis’ Monkeys hanging around. Most were up in the trees, and even by 70-200 with a 2.0 tele-converter it was still a stretch getting anything worthwhile. That is until I noticed last second that a mother and her baby were hovering above a branch that was hanging across the water (our boat was fast approaching) I ran over, grabbed my lens (still had the 70-200 on it) and snapped this picture as quick as possible. I feel like it’s truly ‘the one that got away’ I would have enjoyed it so much more if the mom and her baby were on focus, but as others have pointed out to me, it’s still a good shot, and some actually prefer having them blurred in the background like that.

Calgary Photographer Cody James_-3

In Dubai, we were limited on time, I did my best to do some due diligence before hand in trying to map out some spots for photos, it didn’t pan out exactly as hoped, and both times coming through Dubai I was majorly sleep deprived, so I was driving on fumes. We were at the Palm Islands when I got this shot. I hopped over the sea wall, and crossed my fingers that no giant rogue waves would hit me, fortunately one did, but it misted and dispersed pretty quick, and came right over top of me on the best angle you could ask for. That resulted in this picture!

Calgary Photographer Cody James_

So this picture (without the story) on paper just looks like a whole lot of nothing really. On our first night in Borneo, we docked in front of a bunch of trees, including a giant palm tree that was FILLED with fireflies. I hadn’t seen this since I was really young and was really looking forward to this part of the trip. We had an unexpected dinner lit by candle light as we watched them endlessly fly around lighting up the forest.

Calgary Photographer Cody James_-2

One of the first spots we stopped at to observe the Orangutans gave us the true definition of ‘rain forest’ we went from clear skies, to pouring rain in a matter of minutes, it was eerie just how quickly the skies turned and rain started coming down. Fortunately I brought a rain jacket and saved us from being drenched 😉 the Orangutans weren’t so lucky though, they waited patiently in the trees for the alpha male to finish eating, they didn’t dare approach or go to eat until he was finished and had left the area. Some younger males would actually break giant tree branches off and throw them trying to spook him away, we actually saw a lady get smoked by a giant branch, luckily only hitting her arm/hand, I really think if it had hit her head she could have died or easily been KO’d! I actually warned a bunch of people prior because he was defecating in that same spot (from above) and one ladies umbrella got introduced to a whole load of it, funny enough she proclaimed how ‘lucky’ she was and that it was good luck to have that happen, I didn’t share the same sentiment and kept my distance from him. Once I saw him breaking branches though I called out (only 15-20 feet away) and people were oblivious, then she got hit, and everyone learned a valuable lesson.

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A big mouth full of milk as a rain soaked Orangutan gets his share. If you look to the right of the image, that brown blob there is actually the alpha male making his departure.

Calgary Photographer Cody James_-5

Atlas. That’s this little gentleman’s name. He was a highlight of the entire trip. We docked our second night near a base camp where the Orangutans hung out, our guide had kinda poked fun at us for getting up so early the morning before (5-6am) but we were on odd sleep schedules trying to regulate, so he suggested we sleep in a little if possible as we rock the boat when were awake (mainly me walking around taking pictures) We woke up and see this guy, and our crew and the boat beside us engaging this little fella! All I could think was “HOW COULD YOU NOT WAKE US UP!!!” Fortunately they had only been up themselves for a few minutes and we got to spend the entire morning observing and engaging Atlas up close and personal.

Calgary Photographer Cody James_-6

In Ubud there lies a place called ‘the sacred monkey forest‘ it’s a pretty special spot, very lush, beautiful, and contains SWARMS of Macaques. These monkeys are curious, bold, and have no understanding of personal space. If you’re afraid of monkeys, don’t go there, if you like monkeys or interacting with them, it’s a must see. This image is of one of the older males, it looks like his eye has been scarred (most likely from a fight) their populations have boomed in the last twenty years here.

Calgary Photographer Cody James_-7

An infant Macaque, he really looks like a little old man drinking a sip of coffee.

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Last but not least, another infant feeding while his mom carries him around!

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That’s all for now! Lifes been really busy, still lots of renovations going on, I’ve launched www.renovatecalgary.com as well as www.thecalgarylandscapers.com both sites will be leased out to clients hopefully in the near future.

Getting married in November! We’re doing a destination wedding in the Bahamas and have tons of friends and family going, it’s going to be a blast and of course I’ll be bringing my camera gear. I’m also headed off to California this weekend. It’s a short trip Fri-Sun mainly just to go to Disneyland 🙂 I’ll be bringing my gear though in hopes of getting some shots at the park, as well as some sunset/sunrise shots at the beach!

I did a shoot the Liquor depot, my commercial photography is continuing to grow and garner interest – you can check out that work here, or at www.albertaimaging.com which I recently redesigned/relaunched!

Stay tuned for more updates from San Fransisco, my upcoming trip, tons more from Indonesia, a few more wedding shots, and much more! If you’re looking for a reliable photographer in Calgary who doesn’t gouge with print fees, disc fees, and all that other jazz, connect with me today for a quote on your big special wedding day, destination wedding trip, commercial photography, or prints to furnish your home or business!

– Calgary Photographer Cody James

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