Hey Folks! I’ve got some sweet shots to share! I went out a few weeks ago after walking my dog at the dog park and noticing a stream of bright aurora lights covering the city sky. I quickly packed my gear, made sure I had my tripod, some batteries, memory and ripped out. I was planning to go alone, but my fiance was nice enough to tag along and keep me company (it was nearing 11:30 before we got out the door) but we’re in the deep south so we’re not a huge drive out of getting to Bragg Creek.

I’ve gotten some great feedback on the shots, a good friend of ours actually showed them to a few Oscar winning producers and they raved about them, asking for copies, it’s one of the more flattering pieces of feedback I’ve ever received and I’ll hopefully be sending them their way and getting a shot of the work hung/displayed!

Anyways enough of all that, here’s the work!

This first shot is my favorite, the vibrant colours stretching across the trees/night sky really flowed nicely I still need to give these photos a little more TLC to clean up a few spots that have noise artifacts, but overall they came out pretty clean.

Calgary Photographer (1)

Another shots, same spot with the camera panned out a bit and to the left.

Calgary Photographer (2)

One more from that same spot!

Calgary Photographer (3)

I drove down to a few other spots, got this one which I’m somewhat happy with, but it was starting to get late and the lights were fading so we opted to head home.

Calgary Photographer (4)

All in all, this was the first time I’d gone out to shoot the Northern lights, really happy with the outcome. Thanks for following my blog and checking out my work, if you’re looking for artwork from a local Calgary Photographer check out my portfolios! I supply everything from framed prints to high quality canvases.


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