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Calgary Family photographer Cody James shares the mindset he brings for his family photography that he captures. #20 of 25 for Calgary photographer Cody James.


One of the most important factors for any Calgary lifestyle photographer is to focus on telling a story. Whether you’re a Calgary family photographer, Calgary wedding photographer, or Calgary portrait photographer you really want to convey emotions in your images, not just your typical happy go loving looks, but try to illustrate things like a child’s needs for their parents, or the quirky-ness your couple might evoke. It’s important that when they receive their packages they’re saying more than “I like them” and you’re hearing more “awe that’s so nice” so attempt at putting an emphasis on telling a story, use poses, use the environment around, get creative angles and try new things!

Don’t be afraid to scour the Internet for new ideas, see what your peers are doing and build on their ideas. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s important to be unique and offer your own style, but its okay to draw inspiration from other sources and add your own style.

Put an emphasis on getting to know your clients and look to customize their shoot to cater to who they are and what they enjoy. If you talk to a newly engaged couple who told you they first met at the Calgary Tower you might want to see if you can get a shot in there where the tower is a focal point/even just in the background of the image to add that special touch to their package.

Offer unique packages, it doesn’t have to be a cut and dry 1hr shoot is going to cost $XYZ, again look at the product you’re offering as a Calgary photographer and compare that to other Calgary photographers so you can gauge how you can properly hit a strong price point and more importantly see what kind of packages and offerings you can provide your clients. Also, be flexible, different clients have individual needs, ensure you’re catering to these needs and having a price point that reflects this.

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