Calgary based photographer Cody James takes on a Heli-tour with some friends.

2013 Animal Rescue foundation. 2012 Calgary Stampede Western Showcase. Helicopter Tour. Trip to China.

Here’s what’s new!

I’ll be at the Calgary Stampede again for the fifth straight year! With two pieces (one never previously printed or displayed)

I’ll be doing my fifth ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) calendar in the near future. If you didn’t catch last years I shot the cover for it: – Still available in the shop!

Oh and I went to China with the most amazing girl in April, it was a trip I’ll never forget, and the only sad thing is that I haven’t had enough time to finish editing photos from that trip! There’s lots. But that update is coming soon! In the meantime I was able to quickly edit/fire off some photos from a trip I did a few weeks ago that involved a helicopter, three rad people (+myself), and a hike up to a secluded waterfall in the mountains!

Here’s the crew. This shot was taken just before we departed.

Heli Crew

The next five shots were all taken on the way to our hiking destination and feature some amazing views only being in a helicopter will get you. ¬†We bought ours through Groupon and went through this company: – I’d highly recommend them, they were very professional, friendly, thorough (safe), informational, great at spotting wildlife, and generous with time

Heli 1

Heli 2

Heli 3

Heli 4

Heli 5

Finally once we got to the waterfall we busted out a Cuban cigar (from my previous trip to Cuba) and enjoyed the surroundings.

Cuban cigar at the waterfall

Here’s a small sample of what came out of my trip from China!

Me and my girlfriend/wicked travel buddy getting ready to kick off the trip in Shanghai.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip. We had some kites near the Olympic venues (Birds nest in the background).

This shot was taken in an ancient water town outside of Shanghai. One of my favorite places we visited.

As much as I’d like to take credit for this awesome picture (below)… I can’t!!! Linsanity took over camera duties and rocked some wicked shots.

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