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Landscapes and nature are my favorite subjects to shoot, but when you’re in the big NYC, you have to improvise as it’s a giant concrete jungle (minus Central park) In all seriousness though, I do love getting out in the city and getting some good shots, in fact one of my best selling shots is a downtown capture of Calgary! I recently captured some wicked shots of Calgary that I’ll be sharing shortly, but for now I’ll leave you with some final shots from NYC!

As a Calgary Architecture photographer, I enjoy bringing out the colours whenever possible, my last series from NYC was all in B&W and truthfully I really wanted to keep it that way, but when you get a shot of the Manhattan skyline at dusk, it’s hard to pass up these colours. So here’s my favorite shot first off, as mentioned it’s a sunset shot of Manhattan, wicked colours, and I believe alltogether 5-7 images stitched together for one giant panorama.

New York City

Next up is the infamous NYC Subway, while waiting for our train, I grabbed some shots of trains going by, the colours were really cool, the next few shots feature a similar spot with a few different exposures, in this shot the train is barely exposed enough to draw out some solid colour and blur the motion enough that the train is still distinguishable but smooth at the same time!


Flip it over to some black and white, This shot I was able to grab some patrons inside the train, while still keeping it with the effect/motion of a train.


Finally an exposure that leaves you with just the lights of a passing by NYC subway train.


Last but not least, after grabbing some killer ‘authentic’ pizza from Brooklyn, we hung around the water and snapped this bad boy, then ventured over to see what else the rest of Brooklyn had to offer.


On a side note, I just got back from San Fransisco! It was an incredible trip, first time I’ve brought my gear with me to California and I think I’ve to the state at least 6-7 times! Really glad I did! Here’s two sneak peaks, one from the previously mentioned downtown Calgary shoot, and another from Muir woods in California!

Calgary Architecture Photographer – Cody James – Sneak Preview – Order prints on canvas today!

Closing Time

Last but not least, just outside of Muir Woods in California, maybe one of the coolest places I’ve ever been, it’s insane walking amidst the giant Redwoods.


If you’re looking to spice up your office, or living area, restaurant, etc, connect with me, I’ve got killer rates for prints on canvas, they can be framed or unframed, and the quality is immaculate.

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