Badlands With A Badass Jeep! – Alberta Badlands Photography

Fine Art Photography from one of Alberta’s most beautiful areas, including some incredible landscapes, and some fun portraits of Cody James and his beautiful girlfriend Alynn.

In April I started dating this really incredible girl, we’ve gone to China, been on a helicopter, did a 220+KM bike ride, among many other rad adventures! In August we are going to Shambhala and skydiving! She’s been a huge influence in my life since the day I met her, and I cannot wait for all the adventures that we’re going to have. I love her so much, and am so lucky to have her in my life!

In June (prior to the bike ride) we hit up the Badlands! It was a spur of the moment spontaneous trip that she planned (so awesome) and it was a blast!

We took her Jeep out to the back trails near the Hoodoos and hit up a few muddy holes! It was awesome to see her Jeep finally get broken in!

Off Roading

Off Roading II

Lin doing a meditation pose (much like the one on the great wall of China!)

BadLands Lin

Me doing the Bruce Lee style pose (much like the one on the great wall of China!) 🙂


I haven’t had the time to edit the portraits we did out there, but here’s a small sample.

BadLands Lin II

This photo was just us goofing around, but it is definitely one of my favorites.


Badlands Lin V

Finally here are some of the landscape and fine art shots I got outta the trip!


Dividing Lines


I’m particularly fond of the last two shots, they’re a change in my style, but feel like they came out really well.

Alberta Landscape Photographer Cody James - Badlands

Alberta Landscape Photographer Cody James - Badlands 2

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