Alberta Landscapes


July, 2016

Alberta Landscapes

Calgary Photographer

Cody James

Alberta Landscapes, to me, capture a vast and dynamic scope of beauty, from rolling prairies, yellow canola fields, the obvious jaw dropping mountains, wheat fields, badlands, the list goes on. While all the diversity delivers different emotions, I find myself most drawn to the prairies, the big storms, the night skies under the stars, and seeing the northern lights dance across the fields.


Continuing from my last blog, I stayed true to the practice and brought my gear with me on a trip to Edmonton this week. While I was pressed for time on the way up, I kept mental notes along the way of areas that I may shoot when coming back, I was really hoping to capture some beautiful storms, and naively looked at the big blue skies thinking that was not going to happen. Fortunately the weather in this province, especially this July co-operated, and while I didn’t hit any particular planned spots up, I did venture down some back roads to capture the storm, clouds, and colors that were coming through.

Alberta Landscape Photographer Cody James

A country back road, with the sun setting. | More Alberta Landscapes

It’s funny, I usually go into any shoot after jumping out of the car with the thought of ” I need to capture a new landscape” it’s really a routine/robotic mode, but lately I’ve really been trying to put a focus on usable images, ones that can be formatted on websites and sold outside of purposes then displaying on a wall. I find any new style or method really brings you out of your element and allows you to grow as a photographer, it enables you to start looking and thinking outside the box, capturing creative angles, unique perspectives, and really making your camera work for you.


“I find any new style or method really brings you out of your element and allows you to grow as a photographer”

Two similar shots, taken roughly 150 feet apart from one another. in the first image I was more SW in the field along the canola field, after capturing this roughly 5-6 panoramic image, I ran over the front of the field and fired off another panoramic shot, I can’t stress enough how invaluable learning this easy technique and the benefits it has delivered for my work turning otherwise okay shots into more dynamic fulfilling shots.

You can see the beams of the setting sun coming through the clouds while the poured down.  | More Alberta Landscapes

Speaking about editing and styles, I captured two similar images, both featuring a collapsing old barn, on the first one I went with a more dynamic and bold black and white style, for me it draws out more emotion, it feels more looming and scary.

Both images are panoramic shots, taken with a Nikon 14-24 F/2.8 | Check out some other Alberta Landscapes

A small cropped version shot on my 70-200 of the storm in the distance.

The editing on the shot above was a bit more subtle, it’s not as bold or dynamic, the colors are slightly drawn back as the storm was pulling through, the sun hadn’t set so it was very vibrant and the skies were slightly drawn out, this type of editing gives it a slight vintage feel while still keeping it clean/realistic.

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