2014 Calgary Stampede

It’s that time of year again! Last night was the seventh time I’ve attended the annual Western Showcase Stir up event, a sneak peak at all the artists work in the BMO centre down on the grounds. This is also the seventh time I’ve had my work displayed at the Stampede, I also found out last year that I’ve been one of the top sellers for the last few years which is pretty cool!

This year I have three images on display and for sale, two that have been previously entered and displayed, and a new one I took just last year.

The first is one is my all time best selling image, it’s been a crowd favorite for quite some time and continues to sell really well:

Titled ‘Path to Glory’ this image draws viewers down a seemingly endless set of train tracks, for those who grew up in the developing stages of Alberta, this view was a staple, but as of recently it now comes through few and far between.

Path To Glory

The next image is a favorite amongst friends and family, I’m pretty sure I know at least 5 people who have this displayed at their home somewhere.

This image is titled ‘Endless’ and was taken on a beautiful drive through Kananaskis, capturing some morning fog and beautiful Alberta forests.



This image was a welcomed surprise on many fronts. First off I was out doing shots for a real estate¬†friend of mine, on the way back home, a nasty storm developed, so I hit some back roads and was lucky to capture this shot. But this is the kind of environment I live for in a photography setting, it’s so exciting and dynamic, the clouds, thunder, rain, providing such beauty and sights. ¬†I hadn’t actually seen this image printed prior to last nights showing at the 2014 Calgary Stampede, walking in and seeing it displayed was pretty rad, the colours were so vivid and displayed so well, I’m really excited and think it’ll sell really well.


If you’re heading down to the Calgary Stampede this year, be sure to check out all the talented artists in the BMO Center, there’s a wealth of amazing western themed art on display and for sale!

http://westernshowcase.com/selected-photos.php – You can also check all the work that will be displayed down there by visiting this link and seeing the selected entries for the 2014 Calgary Stampede western photo gallery showcase.

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