Western Photographer Cody James from Calgary, Alberta shares a 25 part series highlighting some tips, tricks, and advice for photographers.


One of the biggest ways to grow your photography from hobby to pro is by sharing your work. The biggest social media sites are great ways to distribute your images to the masses, getting much needed exposure for a budding photographer and building a fan base.

If you’re looking to turn your photography from a hobby to more, I’d highly recommend beginning with a Facebook  page. With this you’ll be able to upload work into albums, share your work on other sites, and create a major following. Lets say you do a newborn baby shoot for some friends, you get your shots, edit, and upload to Facebook. During the editing process you can tag your clients in a sneak peak of sorts, where all your friends and theirs as well, will see your work. Once completed you can upload the entire album selectively tagging a few more photos and sharing on their wall. This could generate a large amount of interest from two pools of prospective clients, your friends, and the friends of anyone who likes/shares your work and depending on the quality, uniqueness, your work could be viral and thus very lucrative. I recently uploaded an album to my newly created Facebook page, which alone had over 100 viral views (Viral views are the number of unique people who saw the post froma  story published by a friend, which includes liking, commenting, or sharing, etc).

Twitter is an excellent site to generate buzz, if you’re running a contest, hosting an event, having a sale, or trying to gain reach to the general public you can use #(hash) tags to gain exposure. A sample Twitter message might read ‘Check out my new blog post on how to work with creative angles #Calgary #YYC #Photography’ anyone searching those hash tags could come across your post, in this case targeting individuals in Calgary or those looking up photography.

Photo sharing sites like Instagram, Flickr, and DeviantArt are also great ways to connect with other photographers, share your work, and gain a following. Although I do not currently have a Pinterest account, it is next on my list of social media sites to take on, it’s a great visual social media application that allows photographers to really get their photographic masterpieces exposed!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can head over to one of my favorite websites Reddit and check out their Photography section, there’s a wealth of knowledge, cool photography discussions, and links to other various subreddits (sections) where you can have your images critiqued!

Finally, don’t be afraid to enter your work at any opportunity that arises, galleries, contests, challenges, etc. It helps you grow, and can be amazing for exposure. I will advise that with certain contest you read the rules as they can sometimes ask that we

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