Welcome to NYC!

I know this has become more of a travel blog than a photo blog/site, I’m trying to update routinely, but there just isn’t enough free time anymore!

So I met this amazing girl a couple years ago, long story short, we’ve been dating for the past two years, and I planned a surprise trip to NYC for us in April. She didn’t know where we were going up until the day of our trip, she found out when we arrived at the airport and I played this:

She was stoked, but she also didn’t know the bigger plan, which was to get engaged! I first asked her to be my girlfriend in Shanghais version of times square, so I wanted to take her to NYC and ask her to marry me in the real times square. Now if you know me at all, you’ll know I suck at secrets, and I love spoiling surprises, but this time I did pretty damn good!

I wouldn’t have a blog or be a photographer if I didn’t bring my camera everywhere I went, especially to a place like NYC, but for now you’ll have to settle for iPhone shots while I still edit the NYC shots.

First panorama, we arrived in LGA airport and had to take a cab to the bustling Manhattan where we were staying for six days.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I took her over to times square, got on one knee, and she made me a very happy man by saying yes.

Day two we toured around, hitting up Grand central station, which was one of my favorite places in NYC. They have a hallway that has an acoustic ceiling, I think it’s dubbed the whispering corners. Anyways, you’re able to whisper into the wall, and the person on the opposite corner can hear what you’re saying.

We road the subway quite a bit down there, it was really fun and different.

After that we checked out some places like grand central, times square during the day a bit more, and hit up the museum of modern art. In the evening we hit up a Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons game which was really sweet. The Barclay centre arena is pretty awesome. That night we had a ton of fog, so after we got back from the hotel, I busted out my tripod and we went and took some shots, I’m pretty stoked on how they looked on camera so it’ll be fun to edit those and share. It started pouring out after about 30 minutes though so we had to call it.

The next day we went and hit up the high line, which is a beautiful pathway located in Chelsea/Tribeca/Meat packing district, we did some shopping, checked out a flea market (Where I purchased an old banks lock box) and had lunch at a place called wild bills or something along those lines.

After that we checked out a few more areas, hit up a huge flea market in the flat iron district, and obviously got some shots of the awesome flat iron building. That night we went to our first (and only) broadway show. It was Cinderella and had Fran Drescher (from the Nanny) in it. Carly Rae Jepsen was also supposed to be in it, but she wasn’t there that night. Show was pretty good, not as big as I thought it would be, but still pretty cool.

The next day was jam freaking packed, we started by hitting up the statue of liberty and taking a ferry out to it. Really cool.

After that we hit up the WTC memorial, they did a fantastic job, and unfortunately the museum/memorial spot wasn’t open, still though a somber, but nice place.

We then hit up the financial district, wall street, stock exchange, the big bull, etc. Then ventured over to Chinatown and little Italy, and finally walked the Brooklyn bridge, it was a little chilly out, but still awesome. Had some great NYC pizza, took some incredible shots in some wicked spots, and headed back to our hotel.

The second last day was dominated by the Yankees game, which was one of my highlights in the trip. Before the game we took a long stroll through central park, it was still chilly so everything was still on the brink of growing and coming through so the park was a little dreary, but probably a haven for local NY’ers looking to escape the concrete jungle. We picked up matching NY Yankees hats and had a blast at the game, it was the home opener for the season which was sweet and the home team won!

That night we went to a comedy show, I wasn’t a huge fan, it was the comic strip live. The talent was pretty solid, but tickets were expensive, they had no food on the menu, and drinks we’re $10-$13 each…. They forced you to have a two drink minimum on top of their fee to get in, overall I wouldn’t recommend it, no matter the history behind the place. I’ve heard ownership changed and the place took a nose dive.

Our final day was slightly limited, we hit up the museum of natural history, definitely a cool spot, getting to see/touch dinosaur fossils/bones, meteorites, and all sorts of cool stuff.

Anyways, that was basically the trip, I’m sure I left some stuff out, but these were the highlights. Thanks for reading!

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