Calgary Photographer Cody James Twitter Feed – New update on the ARF Calendar give away, and future plans are detailed on this latest blog entry. 


I’ve been a big fan of Twitter for quite some time, unfortunately I can’t always find the time to participate with it the way I’d like to! Still though, I’m updating and connecting as often as possible, if you’re on Twitter then  please fire me off a request to connect, you can find me on Twitter at: – My Twitter feed features new releases on photographic works, sometimes unreleased works, upcoming blog posts, and a plethora of other stuff!

Recently I did a quick edit for my girlfriend on one of our storm chase shoots where I captured her Jeep and a beautiful night sky background. I had sent it to @Chysler and @Jeep and got a RT from Chrysler!

If you read my recent blog post regarding the new 2013 ARF Calendar  You may have noticed that there was a draw for a calendar! We’re nearing the end of November and there are only a few entries left. If you haven’t done so yet, check out that blog post and enter now!

Right now there are some major plans in the works to put together another trip in Asia, I can’t divulge too much as most of the plans are in their infant stages, but the intentions are very serious and very exciting!!!

Shortly I’m going to be doing a blog post with my final installment of images from China, updating my galleries, a family photo shoot, and a wicked outdoor shoot with a Yoga Instructor in the snow!

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