Sneak Preview | Calgary Photographer Cody James in Indonesia

Back in one piece from Indonesia, it was a really incredible trip, I learned a lot about the country, the people, their ecosystem, Orangutans, and so much more, it was a really rewarding trip all around and I’m excited to share some small pieces of it.

In a small time crunch at the moment, because I really want to get in depth on a few things (like the destruction of the Borneo rain forest) and how devastating this is to our planet, to the beautiful animals and life it houses, and how wreckless we as humans can really be with what we’ve been given, but I’ll save that for a later post! For now here’s a small sample of shots from Indonesia, including one from a stopover in Dubai!

This first shot was the first Orangutans we encountered on the trip, this mom held her little baby boy at the dock and waited for boats to arrive to Camp Leakey.

Calgary Photographer Cody James  (3)


A sunset in Bali, the lights to the left are actually fisherman way out in the shallow (low tide) waters fishing with nets.

Calgary Photographer Cody James  (5)

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever experienced in my life, in the big bustling city of Jakarta.

Calgary Photographer Cody James  (1)

A friendly worker at a temple near Ubud, Bali. He took me around a small path to reveal a giant statue that had fallen over.

Calgary Photographer Cody James  (4)

Finally a little taste of Dubai and this giant city of concrete skyscrapers!

Calgary Photographer Cody James  (2)

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