The Photographers E-ssentials!

Photographers essentials. These are some of my most essential networking tools as well as applications that I use for productivity.

I am going to write a list of websites, programs, and places that I Use/Frequent on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Some of this may stuff you use already, but read through and make sure you’re not missing out on anything golden.

If you want to network, showcase, share, discuss, and view other photography I recommend

Flickr: It’s a great site, millions upon millions of users. You can upload up to 200 pictures on their free account and on their pro account you can upload unlimited amounts of pictures. There’s tons of different ‘groups’ to discuss photography, lots of different ways to share, and you can find local groups to meet other photographers in your area.

Deviant Art: Another great site, similar to Flickr but is more geared to ‘artists’ in general as there are works from digital art to poetry. This site has live chat, unlimited pictures can be uploaded (As Far as I know) tracks most of your stats for free, and has a pretty good community. They also offer a free ‘portfolio’ site, which is great for emerging artists.

Model Mayhem: All around great site. Lots of models, photographers, Photoshop artists, make up artists, and many other related industry talents. Tons of knowledge, experience, and helpful people in their forums and it’s a great site for networking and building your portfolio whether it’s through paid gigs or trade.

Forums! I frequent a few forums and many of them have a photography subsection or thread, and it’s a great place to meet other talented photographers, ask questions, and get feedback.

If you’re trying to promote your work I’d defeinitely recommend that you start up a Facebook Fan Page, and a Twitter Account as well!

If You’re Buying or Selling I’d Check Out

Kijiji – Amazing site for buying and selling (just about anything) but I’ve had great success in buying  & selling camera gear from it. As always I’d recommend on researching safe buying/selling tips (may even be in their help section) but in general I’d recommend meeting when buying or selling in a public location (like a mall) you really don’t want people coming to your house or work, and then I’d be very weary of shipping or buying something that isn’t local.

Craigslist – Similar to Kijiji, not as active in Canada but more popular in the United States.

Keh – I must admit I have never bought from here, but I have friends who have had good success and recommended it.

Finally – Here Are My True E-ssentials

Gmail – This in my opinion is the best email client out there. It’s supported by all the major smart phones, has an awesome calendar that you can sync to your phone, chat (with gmail friends), tasks, contacts, etc. Right now the storage is somewhere in the 7.5gb area so everything I ever received is archived and saved ready to be searched if needed!

Dropbox – For work it can be a life saver. Dropbox allows you to sync files to an online folder (accessible anywhere with internet) and to any computers you set up under your drop box. The free account gives you 2GBs of storage for free, but through promotions, referrals, and even simple tasks such as ‘liking ‘ them on Facebook you can earn over 20GB of free space! This application/site is amazing, you can share folders with friends and instantly sync files between computers, mobile support, and my favorite feature ‘public’ folders. This allows you to insert a file into your public folder, generate a link, and share that link with the world.

WordPress – My site is based on wordpress blog template, and quite honestly it’s a great and simple way to share your photography stories and experiences!

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom are amazing applications. I would highly recommend them.

If you have any suggestions for this post then please send me an email, a twitter, or anything and let me know!

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