Thailand Part 2

Canadian Travel Photographer Cody James Finishes his two part blog on his three and a half week adventure in Thailand!

Disclaimer: I haven’t had the chance to edit my 5,000+ photos from Thailand, so anything in the next two blogs are either from my wicked little Go Pro or my phone.

So here’s a lesson to be learned. Monkeys are really cute, they can be super entertaining, and really funny. BUT they can be really mean and ferocious! We were checking out Chaing Rai with our rental and saw this mysterious ‘coral cave’ on the map and had to hit it up before we returned the car. We were in awe of the temples and beauty that surrounded us when we arrived, but I personally was fixated on these wild monkeys running loose. Our first encounter with a monkey was exactly what you’d expect, the monkey was a little quirky, he was trying to steal a pop bottle and made a mess on himself trying to bite through it. As we ventured deeper towards the steps that lead to this cave in the side of the mountain we saw what appeared to be a cute and curious little monkey. He got really low to the ground and did the walk that you see in the movie ‘The Ring’ followed by some mean grunting and signs of aggression. My first reaction was to laugh at him, but as he approached I could tell he meant business. So I attempted to wave him away making a loud noise (I learned this trick with the wild dogs in Thailand) it didn’t work…. What happened next can only be best described as pure pandemonium… Out of nowhere I felt something latch on to the back of my leg and grab really hard which caused me to jump about 10ft in the air (new world record I’m sure) upon surveying the area it became clear that it wasn’t just monkey who was up to no good, he called all his minions and we were literally surrounded! I started getting mad at the monkeys and using aggressive actions to scare them off, nothing worked! Next thing I know, Alynn had one monkey literally biting the dress she was wearing and trying to pull it off. Some locals yelled to us and showed us a stick, so we started to back up and find a stick, apparently the stick rules all in this territory because the monkeys dispersed. Our adrenaline at this point was pumping really good, I was able to convince Alynn to continue on and make our way (stick in hand) to the cave. The cave was dark, wet, and we happened to run into a local boy who came along for the excursion with us, it was really intense, after just fighting off some monkeys so many things are going through your head (including the though that this young guy was leading us to a portion of the cave with a tribe full of cannibals) and after nearly falling into a pit of darkness (makeshift bridge broke under my feet) and going through really narrow spaces we opted to return to daylight.

(Here’s the culprit monkey that started the pandemonium)

(Our destination, the coral cave! Notice the monkeys up top, not cool.)

The rest of the trip was a non stop ride of awesome experiences, instead of detailing every little experience with paragraph after paragraph of writing I’m gonna post some photos that really highlight our experiences throughout the trip!

Here’s the site where we went scuba diving!

This is the wonderful sting I received from I believe a sea urchin! Good times.

The Floating market near Bangkok!

Some baby tigers at the tiger temple.

One of the many incredible Buddha statues we visited.

Lynn and I both ate one of these!!! It was surprisingly good!

The White temple where we were abandoned by our tuk tuk driver, then subsequently saved by the fine folks who work in this area.

One of the many elephant treks we embarked on!

Taking a bamboo boat down the river, after white water rafting!

Chang Rai to Chang Mai on a long tail speed boat, we got to stop off at some awesome places (elephant trek, visit a hill tribe, natural hot springs) and ride in this all morning!

The only thing I just couldn’t handle, Alynn was such a trooper in this, I could handle only a few fish at a time while she just let them go off.

Visiting a long neck tribe!

Lynn feeding a baby elephant, I believe this guys only two years old!

Zip lining in the jungle! It was intense, again Lynn was such a trooper in this, she has a fear of heights but still went all out! Even doing the superman pose with me on the final run!

One of the biggest Buddhas we saw.

Me taking in the sunset, doing my photography thing!


One of the sunset views we had on a beach/rock climbing self tour adventure, the tide almost stranded us!

Alynn and I goofing around at the orchid farm we visited.

Alynn kicked my butt at the shooting range, pretty sure the safety guy was nudging me when I was shooting though…

Lynn chilling at our hotel taking in another beautiful sunset.

So in Thailand, an ice cream sandwich literally means ice cream in bread like a sandwich. :$

My favourite cultural portion of Thailand that we were able to take in; Ayutthaya. I have what most likely will be my favorite series of images I’ve ever taken and can’t wait to debut them!

Alynn and I both got ink in Thailand at Aussine Tattoo in Phuket. Both of us done by the incredible artist Mint.

Originally I wanted to have a tree incorporated into my tattoo but we weren’t able to come up with something that would flow well with the rest of my tattoo. I sat in the chair 7 hours to get this done! It was so intense but well worth it. The two flowers are lotuses (Pisces flower) and are there for two girls in my life that I love dearly (my mom and baby sister) I messaged them prior to so I could incorporate their favorite colors along with their birth stone colors. The Buddha has many significance to my life, and the journey I’m leading, but without getting¬† personal, one of the most important aspects is that it’s a great reminder to this trip, and my trip to China¬† with Alynn amazing adventures and time we’ve shared together. She’s the absolute love of my life and I’m so lucky to be able to embark on these adventures with her.

This was about the midway point.

There’s still so much more to share from this trip, I am going to do one final post after this showcasing a few more quirky, funny, and beautiful sides to Thailand! Stay posted!

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