Professional Calgary Photographer – Rule 3 of 25

Professional Calgary Photographer Cody James gives some insight on how he captures some of his landscapes, fine art, and commercial photography through a 25  part series of photography tips!

The third instalment of this series focuses on ‘Leading Lines’ a term that might be familiar to budding Calgary Photographers. Before I write a post regarding this technique I love so dearly, I’m going to share the image that I chose to go along with this so you can have a better visual understanding of what I mean by ‘Leading Lines’.

Calgary Photographer

Calgary Photographer

Leading lines falls under the ‘composition rules’ of photography. Essentially you can take any sort of line wither it’s diagonal, straight, or a variation of and use it a an effective way to lead your viewers eyes exactly where you want them to be.

This doesn’t just apply to fences, rail road tracks, or other more common structures. You can utilize this technique wit nature as well where you’re able to use the lines of  plant on a macro shot to draw the viewers eyes to the center of a plant.

The cool part about utilizing lines though is that it doesn’t always have to lead your viewer anywhere in particular in the image, sure a fence line could lead to a tree, but you can also use the lines to lead to the horizon and although there’s essentially no object you’re able to utilize these lines to guide your viewer to experience the scene the way you intended.

One of my most popular images ‘Path to Glory’ utilizes the Leading of Lines technique to draw a viewer into the center of the image towards the grain elevator and off into the horizon.

Path To Glory


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