Professional Calgary Photographer

Professional Calgary Photographer Cody James provides some valuable tips in his 25 part blog/Instagram series. #8.


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One of the greatest things I enjoy about photography is that you’re in the creative driver seat. You’re given the creative keys, and the camera is a tool that is completely at your disposal to create new images and visions of how you see the world and to share your most valuable memories.

This next blog post doesn’t have a much to offer in terms of technical advice, but the one thing I will emphasize is that it’s so important that you embrace your creative side. If trend XYZ is in style, all your friends are using editing technique ZYX, and everyone is digging those trends, don’t let that sway your creativity. Stick to what you enjoy, keep that passion inside strong, and take pictures for yourself, not someone else.


If you’re just beginning in the photography world, it’s fun to go on sites like Flickr and get a feeling for how other artists are capturing scenes or objects, but don’t let this be your sole focus. Get out there and experiment with angles and composition, break boundaries, destroy the normal rules, and create masterpieces that are true to you!

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