Photographer in Calgary

Cody James a professional Calgary Photographer shares the importance of knowing your way around the digital darkroom in the 23rd straight blog post!


I love photography, it’s a great hobby for some, profession for others, and sometimes simply just s reason to get outside and explore! Whatever your reason for being a photographer is, there’s one aspect that I highly suggest you take on and learn and that’s navigating, learning and then mastering the digital darkroom. If you’re not familiar with that term I am essentially saying it’s very important that you learn how to edit photos! Post processing is essential to making the most of your images.

Personally a majority of my editing is done in Lightroom, it’s a great program with a solid workflow that allows you to be highly organized and efficient, for more advanced work I head over to Adobe Photoshop to refine and fine tune my images. Lightroom has non-destructive editing so you can make as many changes as your heart desires without degrading quality of your photos!

YouTube is a great resource for learning new techniques, you’re able to follow along step by step and pick up new techniques along the way without missing a step which is often what I find to be the case when doing written tutorials.

Like photography, becoming successful with your software takes diligence and practice, don’t let up and keep at it, learn and take as much in as you can and you will grow tremendously.

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