Photographer in Calgary

So the final leg of the trip was equally exciting, we had to take back our beautiful minivan (which was actually great because there were 7 of us for most of the trip) but a few had to head back home and then there were 3…. So we hit up the rental company for a new car, we got lucky and found one for a decent price, apparently prices sky rocketed at that point, when we arrived the guy offered us a free upgrade (SUV/Mustang/Camaro) without hesitation the Camaro was mine!

We ripped through the winding roads of west Maui, some spots being so narrow that we had to actually reverse for another car to squeeze through, but it was still a blast. One of the highlights was a beautiful coast line, we arrived right in the nick of time and were able to catch a beautiful sunset right near a killer blow hole that was shooting water 20 to 30 feet in the air and carrying the mist across the rocks. We were also fortunate to check out Hokepa, it is a giant wind surfing, surfing, kite boarding, etc paradise! Rad waves, great scenery, and tons of action on the water.

This is just to the right of the beach with all the wind surfing, I got some really killer shots (including one similar to this) that I can’t wait to share! I also saw a kid stupidly run out into the middle of the rocks in the picture below, a huge set of waves came in and he was nearly taken out, would have been messy.

Being a photographer in Calgary the only scene we’re not really afforded is beautiful coast lines, I’ll take what we have in a heart beat, but damn is it nice to see them once in a while.  *Blow hole spot* You’ll be shocked to see my favorite shot outta this spot.

We also got some free time to hit up the enchanted forest (I’ve dubbed it this)

Thanks for reading! All photos above were taken with my Iphone and it’s wonderful panorama feature. Stay tuned for shots from Maui from my baby (D700)

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