I’m pretty certain I mentioned that we went to San Francisco, I probably even blogged about it already, but I just can’t remember and I’m writing this on my phone so I really don’t feel like fact checking!

Anyways, been to California a few times in my life, never brought my gear with me though! This time was different, we had a Sharks vs Flames game to attend, and a 49ers vs Seahawks game as well, but there was plenty of time around that to get some sight seeing in and see what San Francisco had to offer!

Prior or to the trip, one of our buddies (co traveler as well) told me about this place called Muir Woods where big Seqioua trees and Redwoods dominated a beautiful untouched forest. I was intrigued and excited to say the least, always wanting to see big redwoods and just hoped it wasn’t too far up the coast, did some research and found out it was a short ride from SFO, I was stoked! I thought for sure going in a lot of shots would revolve around the coast/water/golden gate and getting in a nature hike like that was icing on the cake.

The drive up was great, we got there in short time, it had rained just before so we rolled the windows down and took in some much needed clean fresh air! Before hitting Muir Woods we stopped at this spot that had ‘painted trees’ similar to the ones you see in Hawaii, I still have to identify what they are, but here’s a shot of them:

Calgary Photographer

Here’s another shot of the drive in to Muir Woods.

Calgary Photographer-9

That spot alone got me so stoked, as we continued our drive there was some great fog rolling over the hills, got some shots of that but haven’t had a chance to edit so you’ll have to stay tuned for those at a later date!

On to Muir woods! When you arrive you pay a nominal admission to get in and enjoy the park, there’s a few different routes to take, we were slightly short on time but were so taken back by the sights that we spent the first few hours just in the first portion of the park. From there we set out on one of the trails and did a nice little hike that took us around a loop through the back.

One of the many magnificent monsters in the park.

Calgary Photographer-4

This is a giant panorama I released, roughly around four images stitched together. I released this as a wallpaper recently, I’ll make a blog post soon with a few wallpapers I’ve dropped over the past few years.

Calgary Photographer-5

Another wide panorama of the big Redwoods.

Calgary Photographer-6

The colours are incredible in Muir Woods California, such rich green and it’s so lush throughout the park. A haven for texture/panorama style shots.

Calgary Photographer-10

One more panorama of the giants in action.

Calgary Photographer-7

If you’re not familiar with this technique, it’s a cool thing to try out and explore new photography techniques. Essentially you have a longer exposure, for this I believe I was .5 or 1 second exposure, and you just pan the came vertically while the shutter is open. The effect you’re left with is a blurred/blended smooth shot highlighting an abstract look at your subject (mine being the forest) allowing viewers to get an idea of what you’re seeing with a unique spin.

Calgary Photographer-8

Last but not least, two more portrait oriented images of the big forest.

Calgary Photographer-2

Calgary Photographer-3

I have a few more shots of Muir Woods that I’ll be releasing in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

If you’ve been to Muir woods and want to bring a piece home, connect with me on rates for a canvas print, I’ll be running a special until the end of April on any Muir Woods prints ordered.

Thanks for following, keep shooting!

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