Latest Storm Chase 07-30-10

Calgary Landscape Photographer Cody James – Storm Chasing Summer 2010.

No tornadoes, funnel clouds, or cows flying but the storm was pretty intense in terms of rain and hail.

Not great for picture taking though, we were situated in a position where going any closer to the storm meant rain pouring down and the camera being put away, but we were so close to the city that we could drive any closer or we’d be hitting city limits. So we drove into the rain and just took it all in, once the storm went over it was a blast checking out some of the areas that were packed with hail and water.

Only had two real keepers out of this trip:

If you’re wondering…… That is brown dirt road completely covered in tiny hail bails. If you look close enough you can see a few pieces of hail still trickling down in the image. It was quite the sight to see.

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