Viva Las Vegas! Don’t get your hopes up in seeing some Peter Lik shots of Death Valley or anything similar, Vegas was more geared towards having fun and living life! I did bring my camera though as it wasn’t all bright lights, casinos, clubs and everything else ‘Vegas’. About mid way through the trip we broke up the grind of partying and headed out to Red Rock Canyon! We did a tour through Who did a phenomenal job all around. It was actually my first time taking a moped for a rip, but it was a quick learn and we were out exploring the Nevada Desert and mountains.

I’ve just started editing photos from the trip so I don’t have a ton to share, but here’s a sneak peak. I’ve also been busy on a great project with the U OF C, AP, and a few commercial clients.

This was taken about mid way through the tour, I was more interested in finding a rattle snake as our guides told us there were quite a few around and I thought it would be amazing to capture one, but I had to settle with this view. 😉

Calgary Landscape Photographer

Love/hate with this spot, I loved the contrast of life and vibrancy in the colour of the plants, but as we were leaving a father and his three daughters rolled up, he said “Ok babes, go hang on that tree, it’s what we do for pictures!” I’m sure they have a great family routine that involves getting his kids hanging from trees and all that, but this tree was barely 5 ft tall, it was dry, and just not a ‘swinging/holding kids’ kinda tree. The more you travel, I guess the more tolerant you become with people who seemingly don’t mind taking nature, beauty, and all this planet has to offer for granted.

Calgary Landscape Photographer

On our last day it was time to get away from the Strip, we headed on down to Lake Mead / Hoover Dam and found out you can rent a boat for a really reasonable rate so we got a boat, captains hat, and cruised the lake for a few hours taking in the scenery and backing on to front side of the incredible Hoover Dam. This image shows the drought they’re battling, the levels were as high as the white rock which is probably 15-25 feet shallower. In fact you could clearly tell that the marina where we parked had moved very far down and our car was parked in a place that was once covered in water.

Calgary Landscape Photographer

That’s all for now! Thanks for following! Stay tuned for some shots from Fernie, Yellowstone, the 2016 ARF calendar and much more! If you want to chat, interact, or just show some love, follow me on Instagram! @Calgaryphotographer – | Calgary Landscape Photographer Cody James – Also be sure to check out for some updates on my commercial photography!

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