Calgary Freelance Photographer Cody James reveals more photos from his trip to Florida, along with an amazing Portrait of a police dog (K9), and some commercial architectural.

Only one update on May! (Shame on me) I will definitely be updating more the weather is great and storm season is upon us!

I am getting ready for the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase as well, all of my canvases are in and they look amazing. I can’t wait to get them down to the grounds and display them. It’s one of the only times my work is ever available (aside from some charitable events) and it’s a ton of fun.

Here’s a few miscellaneous images I’ve taken over the past year or so that I have finally had the chance to give a little TLC to.

This first image is from my trip to Florida last November. We were on a tour with NASA and got to see some amazing things, one of which is the ‘crawler’ it’s the vehicle that NASA uses to transport their shuttles.

1/1000 second
60 mm
Nov 11, 2010, 1:43:34 PM

This next shot was taken with my new extreme wide angle Sigma lens. I can’t wait to utilize this lens more with vehicles and landscapes.

1/500 second
13 mm
Apr 23, 2011, 6:00:16 PM

This last shot was from an amazing photo shoot opportunity I had last summer, it was really cool and hope to do something similar in the future.

K9 Bite

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