Jamie & Kris | Wedding Sneak Peek Part 2!

Calgary Wedding Photographer Cody James: Closing in on a lot of the finishing touches for editing on Jamie and Kris’s wonderful wedding, back here to show my followers and their friends/family another sneak peak of the shots from the wedding.

Jamie and her mom putting their final finishing touches together! 🙂

Organic -6

Emersyn busting a move on the dance floor.

Organic -21

Jamie giving us some glamour model shots.

Organic -20

We had a lot of fun with the surrounds and play on words/marriage.

Organic -19

Always have to take this at a wedding I shoot!

Organic -18

Another fun shot with the couple, I think you’ll see a similar shot on their thank you cards!

Organic -17

Another play on words/marriage lol…

Organic -16

Allyn is amazing for making these family photos happen, we coordinated a family heart shot here!

Organic -14

The couple literally tying the knot.

Organic -13

Such an amazing landscape and background to work with. Organic -12

Probably one of my favorite shots of the wedding, I felt like a creative genius after this. Organic -11

Boys getting ready! Organic -10

A couple more of Jamie pre ceremony. Organic -9

The bride waiting patiently, anticipating her big day to finally commence. Organic -8 Organic -7

If you like my style, dig these images, and want to make the most of your special day, connect with me, I only book a limited amounts of wedding days in Calgary every year!

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