Forgot to share in my last post that Allyn and I will be bound for Indonesia in two days! We’ve got our flights booked to land us in Jakarta, we’ll spend a day or so there, then fly to Borneo for a three day (possibly four) 2 night jungle tour on a Kloktok! Basically a small boat. The whole point of this adventure is actually to go and check out some rehabilitated Orangutans that live there! There’s also wild Orangutans, probiscus monkeys, and tons of other cool animals. I’ve also heard we’ll get a beautiful sky full of stars, and a jungle of fire flies! I bought 16GB of extra memory for this trip! Then we’re heading down to Bali for some TBD adventures!


When we were in Thailand we got to experience some awesome animals (Monkeys and Elephants) a few shots I’ve shared in my Nature portfolio.:






I picked up a teleconverter for this trip 2.0 and 1.4 plus a 300mm lens but I’m not sure if that will make the trip with me!

We’ve also got a little lucky, normally on a layover I’d be a little bummed to waste time, but we’ve got stop overs in Dubai. The plan is to rent a car when we get there, and experience/see that big city in 7-8 on the way there, and then on the way back!

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays! All the best!

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