First Tutorial: Spacescape with Photography!

Photoshop tutorial by Photographer Cody James of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

I am not the greatest at writing tutorials, so bear with me!

Essentially what we’re looking to do is create something similar to this:

(Done completely through Photoshop no photography involved)

By using a creative photography technique that allows us to create our own planets with some amazing looks.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Macro lens (Not 100% mandatory) but will allow you to get close on your subject and capture much more detail

Marbles – I used a solid blue marble but I am sure you can try many different types of marble

Glow Stick


Paper plate or any type of throw away reflective surface

This image is completely done through photoshop brushes, textures, etc.

Here’s the setup:

You get the idea of where this is going.

Activate the glow stick, cut it, be careful not to get it all over the place (especially your camera or in your eyes!) using a small pin will push the process of getting the ‘glow’ out of the stick but it will come out if you tap it.

Mix the glow around, get creative, there are small crystals in a glow stick if you get one on the marble it’ll look like a hot spot on the planet and gives off a cool effect.

My EXIF data on the primary planet shot:


Shutter 25 seconds

ISO 2500

Doesn’t have to be exact though, your best option is to open it up to get a lot in focus, and depending on the lighting set the shutter to draw enough lighting out that the planet is visible but not blown out.

As you can see here in my final rendition there are two planets (same marble) the ‘nebula’ clouds, stars, etc are through Photoshop brushes and editing.

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