Calgary Fine Art Photographer Cody James adds some new submissions to his Fine Art Photography gallery.


I’ve decided my galleries needed a little TLC, I’ve arranged them to be a bit more sorted, added some new images, and created a new gallery dubbed ‘Nature‘! I’m going to do two new blog posts regarding this update, the first is for my Fine Art as this gallery along with my Landscapes had the most new submissions added! All of these photos are from my trip to China so without further ado here’s some new submissions!


This was taken at a museum we visited in Beijing, I was able to grab some very low light images with the help of my trust Nikon D700 and rocked the very fast Nikkor 105mm VR Micro lens. All these shots were done without a tripod!

Canadian Fine Art Photographer Cody James

This image titled ‘Focus’ is another of aBuddha statue in the museum we visited, previously released as a compilation of statues (in black and white) but the colours were so vivid and bold I opted to release this one individually as it’s own piece.

Some more Chinese art, the attention to detail in some of these works was incredible.

Fine Art photograph Canada

Another highly detailed piece of work.

This image is actually available as a downloadable widescreen high definition wallpaper 1920X1080 on my DeviantArt Account

Calgary Wallpaper Photographer

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these images on a high quality canvas please contact me and I would be more than happy to provide a quote.

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