The flight from Vancouver to Calgary is worth the price of the ticket just for the views alone, you usually start off with a few minutes taking in some beautiful coastal views of the ocean, which is quickly and primarily outshines by the beautiful snowcapped Rocky Mountains.

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If you were on my flight, I do apologize, as I hurried to grab my gear from the overhead compartment, I threw my headphones on and started listening to some music. As I snapped away I started taking more and more shots of the beautiful scenery, about mid way through I took my headphones off for a passenger announcement and then had to quickly capture another shot, as I continued to shoot, I realized that my camera was even louder than the planes engine and humming, so to all my fellow passengers I apologize for the noise.

I won’t get into major details, but I feel it’s worth noting in hopes this shows up for people looking for reviews on I encourage you to never ever use faregeek under any circumstances whatsoever. Here’s the brief rundown. Booked flights, got an email (after paying) saying we were confirmed, got to the airport and no tickets were issued! They ruined our planned trip because they failed to do the only task we paid for. To make matters worse we waited for over an hour trying to get a hold of someone and they never answered their phones, I’ve tried calling numerous times this week with the same results and have emailed them with zero response. Don’t risk your trip with they’ll ruin your flights booked and leave you stranded! Faregeek, if you’re reading this review, I encourage you to write a wrong and explain how you could possibly fail a paying customer so severely.

Anyways! Now that I got that off my chest, the real reason for this post! Some new wallpapers! Both from the flight above the Rockies! The sun was beginning to set on this flight, unfortunately no crazy colors, but still got a nice deep rich blue and mixed with the icy whites I was treated to some great photo opportunities.

Without further delay.

Calgary Photographer Rocky Mountain Wallpaper I

Both images are 1920×1080 for your widescreen viewing pleasure.

Calgary Photographer Rocky Mountain Wallpaper

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