I’m not sure how a month passed since my last post, I swear time flies like no other lately. I dread thinking I’m going to wake up and think “Winters here” But I’ll enjoy the summer until that happens! To kick it off, back in March, my wonderful Fiance took me to Dallas for the weekend! She had a business trip down there and I met her on the weekend, our time there was short, but we got tons in and it was a BLAST!

I just want to say, if you haven’t travelled much and are ever debating whether you should do public transportation/walk/cab just don’t. Rent a car. I use an app https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rentalcars.com-car-hire-app./id570156001?mt=8 – I rent a car before I go, you don’t have to pay upfront, never had an issue with my reservation, and pay somewhere around $20 a day to have free reign. Although for some places (NYC) public transport is better, the places with bigger urban sprawl I would never waste time trying to figure out buses, paying cabs, or wasting tons of time just footing it to get somewhere.

We got up early and headed to the Dallas Fort Worth Zoo, first time I’d been to a zoo in a long time so it was a treat, they had some great exhibits and some great spots to get photos of their animals.

This is the first exhibit we saw when we got in, we figured it was only uphill from there! 🙂

Calgary Photographer-1


One of my favorite spots was where the Rhinos are held, you can literally stand right above them which makes you feel like you’re within arms reach and you can get a great birds eye view of these amazing animals.

Calgary Photographer-1-2

The elephants were awesome as always, they have two young babies who were curious and playful and a treat to watch, after being in the water a while they gave themselves a dust bath to cool off.

Calgary Photographer-1-3

Saw a white tiger (Alynns favorite)

Calgary Photographer-1-4

They had some other great stuff, a whole section of insects and reptiles, tons of other animals, a giant boa that was shedding its skin which was a sight to see! Grabbed some shots of the birds there:

Calgary Photographer-1-6 Calgary Photographer-2 Calgary Photographer-4Calgary Photographer-3
















Then saw this and we thought for sure the cat had a death wish.  He was fine.

Calgary Photographer-1-5


That night we hit up the much talked about Fort Worth Stockyards. We got our first taste of Texas BBQ, hit up the Rodeo, and checked out everything they had to offer, it felt similar to rodeos I’ve been to in Alberta and the references of Alberta being the Texas of Canada felt true. The rodeo was pretty stellar, I brought my camera and grabbed some shots of the bull riders, unfortunately they didn’t have a ton go, but it was still a great show.

Calgary Photographer-1-7

Calgary Photographer-1-8

Calgary Photographer-1-9


Even though I had all my gear on me (in my backpack) we decided to hit up Billy Bobs the “worlds largest honky tonk” The place was ridiculous. If you’re from Calgary, imagine Ranchmens on steroids, then triple that. The place was huge, they had everything from bull rides, a BBQ pit, live concert with seating, an indoor rodeo, pool tables, arcade, multiple dance floors, a big claw machine that you could win giant cowboy hats in, it was insane.

We were pretty tuckered out after that day, I wanted to get some night shots of the city but we had to get up early so we planned it for the next day. The next morning we got up, hustled out and checked out some sights in Dallas (JFK memorial in particular) and then went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science which was just an all around great experience. After that it was GAME TIME! I’ve always been a fan of the Dallas Mavericks and in particular Dirk Nowitzki. I remember playing NBA 2k (something) with my best friend Logan in high school and we would just drain three’s all day online. They were playing the Golden State Warriors, all in all a great game even though Dallas lost.

That night after the game, we embarked on a photo taking trip. I’ve heard Dallas can have some sketchy parts of town and to be a little vigilant when out, the roads were pretty bare though so we got to drive around and see a ton of the city and places like Deep Ellum (which feels like a grittier/cooler 17th Ave) I really wanted to get a shot of the JFK memorial so we parked the car and whipped out the tripod, took a few tries but got enough cars rolling through to get some good shots (save for later)

The Hunt bridge was INSANE, such a work of art. It was actually designed by the same architect who designed the Peace bridge in Calgary.

Calgary Photographer-2-2 Calgary Photographer-1-10

I didn’t get as many photos as I’d like to, but seeing the city and exploring it was enough, and I did walk away with the shot I wanted ultimately which I’m proud of.


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