Cuba – GO PRO!

World Wide Photographer Cody James goes to Cuba, leaves his Nikon (baby) at home and hits Cuba with his Go Pro video camera.

So I decided that Cuba was going to have way too much partying and not enough time to get out and do photography. I picked up a wicked little Go Pro HD HERO 2 for the trip and here’s some shots. I’ll be adding some videos as well once I get some solid video editing skills down! I’ll also be bringing this bad boy along for some storm chasing and other adventures!

Awesome Donkey

Jeep Safari

A little too much fun the one night, I apparently cut my hand open on a glass and we’ll just leave it at that. This is the morning after, I woke up in my bed with blood all over my pillow where the hand rested all night.

Cut Finger

Underground Cave

Cuban Streets

This was taken on a boat cruise where lobster was served and we got a pre-boat ritualistic show from the locals.

Boat tour

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