Commercial Photographer in Calgary

Cody James a commercial photographer in Calgary shares some tips and pointers in blog #19 of 25 on how to give the most to your clients.

As an experienced commercial photographer in Calgary I know a few things for sure… The market is competitive, the standards are high, and you need to offer a service and product that distinguishes yourself from everyone else.


So why would I help the competition? Because it’s not easy to deliver what delivers for our clients, we take pride in offering a superior product and continuously strive to go beyond for our clients.

So what are some steps you need to take to make it in the Calgary Commercial Photography industry? It all begins with marketing and accurately representing your company, a strong portfolio does wonders, and professionalism is a must.

You need to know the business of photography through and through, hit all your points as a photographer, but it’s also very important to find out what your clients are looking for and at minimum deliver that product with ease. But how do you exceed a clients expectations? Look for shots that add value for your clients. Say you’re shooting the clients new building for some commercial print marketing material, but notice their website has a wide header on the home page with bland imaging, seize that opportunity get some shots that could be utilized for that banner, it generates great faith in your ability to deliver and will generate residual business down the road. Referrals in many lines of sales are crucial to success.
I love artistic shots, my background as a photographer in Calgary didn’t start out in the commercial photography sector, I just took my artistic abilities and technical skills with my camera and editing and translated that into a Calgary Commercial Photography company. So when given the chance, I really enjoy making the most of a companies architecture, and its great to be able to deliver more than just spec shots, we’ve delivered many artistic shots to clients who were able to proudly display our work (and theirs).
So when you’re at your first or 100th commercial photography clients location, ask yourself how you can go above and beyond the norm and deliver a superior product.

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