Been over a month!

Time seriously flies nowadays. Since April I’ve been to New York, Kelowna, Ontario, Vancouver, Lethbridge, and Edmonton, three more weddings to attend/shoot, a tough mudder event, and who knows what else! It’s been jam packed and between work, Stampede, GOT A FREAKING PUPPY, life has been nuts! But the best part? I’ve been shooting the whole time, so I’ve got tons to share in the upcoming weeks!

I also launched – It’ll be a site that I will lease to a business owner looking to have an impact on their renovation business, drawing in new clients, and ‘wowing’ their current ones.

I also developed and launched as well, it’s my brothers new business and its been a giant success all around! Calgary Website Development by Cody James –

I worked out a new workflow as well, so photos will be flying out faster and imported/added to my gallery a lot easier! 🙂

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